Expressing Your Tuscan Story:
A 10-Day Exploration in Encaustic and Photography

Sant Ana Grounds

“The positive environment allows the creativity to flow. The surroundings were amazing and the studio space was out of this world!!! Just being around like-minded people where there were no judgments was great. I loved all the effort that was put into the pre-planning of this trip!!”
—Debbie Hicks – British Columbia, Canada

There is a sanctuary in Tuscany, a terra-cotta brick monastery nestled in an ancient oak forest. Here you will savour the rich tastes of the land - olive oil, pecorino cheese, hearty wines, and luscious fruits. Here you will visit quaint hillside towns, wandering cobblestone streets seemingly untouched by time. Here you will be transformed by the beauty of the undulating landscape dotted with cypress trees. Here the din of crickets dissolves into silence…you have arrived at Sant’Anna in Camprena. This sanctuary will be your home for an unforgettable and transformative stay in Tuscany.


What to expect in your workshops with
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This workshop in Tuscany is ideal for those people who already have experience working with the encaustic medium and who are looking to take their image making to the next level – learning to create a series of works exploring one central idea or concept.  In addition to working with encaustic paint and assorted materials used in combination with that medium we will be spending time working through a wide range of sketchbook activities that will deepen and expand your understanding of how to develop imagery, decision making around the elements of design, working with a host of image development strategies, brainstorming ideas for conceptual development and more.

“I learned more about the benefits of relaxing into a space and slower pace. It also deepened my value of contemplation as a key element to concept development. This trip has also confirmed my commitment to shifting focus to creating full time sooner rather than later.”
—Colleen Davis – British Columbia, Canada

The photography that we will be doing while on the monastery grounds and out on location will be another opportunity to explore and put into practice many of the principles that we will be exploring in our lessons. Regardless of whether you are shooting with an iphone or a medium format camera, or you are painting with wax or watercolor – finding your story and composing personal and meaning imagery will be the focus of our work together.


Monday, May 21st—Wednesday, May 30th 2018

Investment – 2900€ per person based on double occupancy/10+ participants (total)

Accommodation and meals

As part of this excursion you will be removed from the frenetic pace of today’s world to experience a more tranquil environment.  Sleeping in a simple, rustic former monk’s cell, dining in an ancient hall, and wandering the many paths and roads of the valley will help to create a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings. The former monastery features new modern bathroom facilities that are private but shared by two to three rooms.


Your evening meals will be prepared by local cooks using delicious, regional recipes featuring olive oil from trees on the property, vino nobile from neighbouring Montepulciano, pecorino cheeses from the local sheep, and fresh, regional vegetables and fruit. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters inner contentment, reflection and focus.

All breakfast and evening meals will be traditional Tuscan menus prepared at the monastery while lunches will be a combination of picnics on location, and meals at local trattoria and the monastery. There is one lunch that is not included, where you will have the choice to eat at any restaurant, bar or market while we are having our town visit. Vegetarian fare is also available if requested at the time that you register.


Sant Ana

Creative Excursions: Tuscany 2018 Itinerary

Expressing Your Tuscan Story: A 10-Day Exploration in Encaustic and Photography

Day One

Welcome Drink

Day Two

“This was the most organized “tour” – timed to perfection in terms of getting us to and fro. It touched on every aspect of the surroundings. I didn’t feel like a tourist and I did feel we had a local introduction to people and places another excursion could not provide. We were presented with local life, not simply local color.”
—Lynn Hogan – Texas, USA

Day Three

Day Four

Encaustic Workshop

“Wonderfully inspiring, “sprawling” work space.”
—Cindy Wilker – British Columbia, Canada

Day Five

Day Five

Day Six

Day Six

“I loved being taught in a structured approach to developing art…Loved Nancy’s confident, calm, passionate and straight–forward manner.”
—Brenda Dreyer – New Zealand

Day Seven

“I very much enjoyed the time spent with Oliviero and his passion for photography and life in general. It worked well that two of us participants were able to spend early mornings with Oliviero – a fantastic “extra”!!! Worth getting up pre-dawn!”
—Liz Hughes – Alberta, Canada

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Encaustic Workshop 2

Day Nine 1


What’s included

Your excursion in Tuscany includes;

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Group One

Personal Art Supplies to bring along

You will be learning a very powerful process through this workshop that will be transferable to your work with other art series and media moving forward. Be prepared to start seeing the world in a different light,  taking your creative process to a deeper, richer and more meaningful place!


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